Let Me Tell You a Story: Tracy Fells

Tracy has given us three sharply wicked stories about relationships: Phoenix and Marilyn – a story of courage and survival; Wood, which lulls us with the ordinariness of a couple’s mis-communication then becomes something entirely different; and Tantric Twister that celebrates the Boomer generation and is definitely not one for the kids!

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What Are These Protected Posts?

These are posts that require a password to open. Why? Sometimes because the content is for a particular audience – people taking part in a research study, for instance, where the researchers have made a sound track to explain the study; or where the tracks are linked to a book and you need to buy the book to hear them.

If you think you’d like to try out the idea, linking a voice file to a piece of printed text, just let us know. It could be anything from an information leaflet about health matters, or a collection of poems or short fiction, to items from your community newsletter. Short is good, and do take a look at our list of tips – you can find them here.

Let Me Tell You a Story

Let Me Tell You a Story is the title of a forthcoming anthology which expects to do just that – tell you the story. It will also read you the poems; give you the long pauses, the quick steps, the rushes and hushes of words and lines that sometimes are hard to find for yourself. And the voices will be the authors’ own.

The words are on the page, the voices working their way into the can, and we hope to be on some shelves very soon.

Suzanne Conboy-Hill