Coming soon.

  • There will be guidelines for fiction and for factual material.
  • We can password protect tracks – for instance, sensitive health information or research participation leaflets – so that an organisation or group can make them available to just their target audience.
  • We won’t host material that is pornographic, racist, or otherwise grossly offensive. This mostly applies to fiction and will not include content aimed at discussing, for example, abuse as part of an information campaign.
  • You will need to submit the audio and the text together for validation purposes.
  • Content is your responsibility, as is the recording. It’s your reputation after all, so …
  • Please use decent equipment for recording; if it’s not good quality, there’s no point in posting it.
  • If accepted, we will send you the link to your track which you can incorporate in your printed document.

We’re hoping to kick-start a revolution and make ourselves redundant but for now we’re single-handed; ‘we’ means ‘I’ and ‘I’ is where the funding of the WordPress domain and maintenance and the code generating service comes from.  The service is free and will remain so for as long as that is sustainable, especially for public services such as charities, the NHS, or very small independent publishers. Big Business? You don’t really need us, do you? You probably have the resources to do it yourself; quality control and reputation management all in-house.


Disclaimer: while we will exercise some face-value editorial control, we take no direct responsibility for content, and complaints will be passed back to the originator(s) of the material. We appreciate open discussion of difficult topics and don’t approve of censorship but there must be good reason for anything that breaches broadly accepted standards. Ultimately, we can say no, and that’s that.